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Roaming Dragon & Tina Fineza: Bringing Pan Asian to Vancouver Streets Together!

Tina Fineza has joined Gourmet Syndicate in consultancy for the re-launch of the ROAMING DRAGON food truck menu and catering menus, providing Vancouverites with a unique experience in quality Pan Asian Street Food. Chef Fineza has applied her talents once again to develop sensational, mouthwatering menu items for the ROAMING DRAGON showcasing food from around Asia intended for Vancouverites! One of Chef Fineza's favourites is the Beef Rendang Poutine; she takes a popular Vancouver street food item to new heights with flavour bursting Indonesian coconut beef curry. Gourmet Syndicate is thrilled to have Chef Fineza on board for the re-launch of the ROAMING DRAGON food truck menu. They were awarded Gold from Vancouver Magazine for 2011 Best Food Truck and have been featured on Food Network's Eat Street. With Chef Fineza at the helm of the new menu, the ROAMING DRAGON expects to continue to raise the bar on the Asian Street Food scene in Vancouver.

Roaming Dragon
Opening Party Photos

Chef Tina on the Rendang Poutine